See Saw

Drama | 2009 | 6:05

Writer and Director Amanda Liok
Producer Siobhán Costigan

A father and daughter meet for dinner and end up sorting out a little more than they had expected.


Catch of the Day

Drama | 2009 | 5:45

Writer and Director Lew Keilar
Costume Designer and Continuity Siobhán Costigan

Burdened with unwanted family responsibility, CC finds himself torn between a burgeoning romance and a fast way out of a dead-end life.


Bacon and Eggs

Drama | 2009 | 5:55

Writer and Director Kathryn Allen
Production Assistant Siobhán Costigan

A coming-of-age comedy revealing how as one door closes, another one opens for nineteen-year-old Sam, the girl in the cardboard house.